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Annual Programs


*below pricing does not include city filing fee's when applicable (see below)


Untestable Devices & Missed Appointments MAY be charged at full price, if not canceled one day prior to scheduled appointment (before 4:00pm). 

BSI Online and Aqua Backflow Filing Fee's: The listed cities may be subject to a
filing fee administered through BSI/Aqua for certification filing.
Algonquin, Antioch, Barrington, Buffalo Grove, Crystal Lake, Deerfield, Fox Lake, Glencoe, 
Glenview, Grayslake, Gurnee, Huntley, Kenilworth, Lake Villa, LCPW, Libertyville, Lincolnshire, Lincolnwood, Lindenhurst, Mt Prospect, Niles, North Barrington, North Chicago, Northfield, Palatine, Park Ridge, Prospect Heights, Riverwoods, Round Lake, Round Lake Beach, Schaumburg, Skokie, Wauconda, Waukegan, Wheeling, Wilmette and Winthrop Harbor.

*Pricing varies per City          **(Cities listed subject to change without notice)

Out of territory testing available for an additional fee, call for details.


Inside installed RPZ`s:   These devices, no matter the system, can be tested any time of year. The customer does not have to do anything to prepare for this test. These tests must be a timed appointment to allow plumber access inside and to the location of your device.

Outside installed RPZ`s:   Most customers use a lawn irrigation company to start-up and prepare the system for testing. The RPZ device must be installed on the piping system outside with the water turned "ON" from inside your home prior to the plumber's arrival for testing. Devices located behind fences must be left unlocked for access or set a timed appointment. Most other outside devices you DO NOT need be home for the test.

We offer a variety of backflow services including annual certifications, repairs and new installations.
Backflow Testing/Certification is an annual requirement within the state of Illinois. This requirement is tracked and enforced by your local municipality, some now using BSI or Aqua Backflow requiring filing fees for the results to be subitted.

Only a licensed plumber, with the additional license for cross-connection control device inspector (CCCDI), can perform this certification using an approved and calibrated differential pressure gage.

Our program consists of testing the differential pressures within your backflow device. A backflow device test report is completed, one copy is left on the device, one copy with the customer as an invoice and one copy will be filed as required by your City. We will keep track of your test dates and remind you prior to your next due date to keep you in compliance annually.

WHAT IS A BACKFLOW DEVICE? A device or an assembly used to prevent contamination of the potable water supply through an actual or potential cross-connection.

WHO MUST USE A BACKFLOW DEVICE? The potable water supply shall not be connected to non-potable water and shall be protected from backflow and back siphonage.


Lawn Irrigation               Fire Sprinkler                         Pools
Dental Units                      Medical Units                          Commercial Laundry
Car Washes                       Commercial Dishwashers

**any potential cross connection between potable and un-potable water.


$124  1st Hour

This program is very important as it ensures your sump pump and battery backup device is working properly. Without the proper maintenance, this device can fail when you need it most. Our licensed plumber will check the main pump (if applicable), check the backup pump, refill and test the battery on the backup system.

This is highly recommended for finished basements!


$129 1st hour, $25 each additional 15 minutes

Annual sewer maintenance is very important as it could keep you from emergency situations and high costs due to flooding and damages.

Our program consists of rodding the main sewer line. This procedure helps to keep your pipes free of debris and/or tree roots which can get in the pipes causing blockages and backups into your home or business.

We will keep track of your service dates and remind you annually when you are due again.


If you are advised of your sewer being broken, always get a second opinion. Or, ensure it is broken by having them send a camera in the pipes while you watch.

If you hire someone to send a camera into your sewer system, looking for breaks, clogs, etc. Always ask to see that there is NOT a videotape being played of someone else's sewer!


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